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Above Left: Close-up of the missile shown in the Kabot photograph. The FBI determined that the photo is authentic, but alleged that it shows an airplane.

Above Right: Map showing the approximate location and direction of the missile relative to Linda Kabot and Dockers Restaurant. Kabot was facing north-northwest. The missile in the Kabot photo appears at roughly 1 o’clock, heading towards 8 o’clock. The location of the missile has been drawn to take into account both the Kabot photograph and the observations of eyewitnesses, including Westhampton Air National Guard pilot Major Frederick Meyer and his helicopter copilot, Captain Christian Baur.

Meyer and Baur were practicing instrument landings at Gabreski airport while waiting for the sun to set and the sky to darken before testing their night vision equipment in a simulated water rescue. Baur was guiding the chopper southwest down runway 24 and into a climbing left turn to the south when Meyer observed a rapidly moving orange-red streak of light above his helicopter, heading due south, 15 - 20 degrees to his left. The streak continued out over the Atlantic and then started to descend for 3 – 5 seconds. Then there was a "hard, very sudden, yellowish-white explosion." After 1 – 2 seconds there was another "hard explosion almost pure white in color," and almost immediately another explosion and fireball, "It began as a tiny point and it grew very rapidly into a huge fireball four times the diameter of the sun."

The map has been reoriented to align the vertical with the field of view of Kabot’s camera (facing north-northwest). A small arrow shows the direction Meyer was facing when he observed the orange-red streak of light above his helicopter, 15 - 20 degrees to his left. It is clear that Meyer observed the same object that was caught on film by Linda Kabot. There is substantial eyewitness testimony indicating that the missile was launched from Long Island, but the possibility that the missile simply passed over Long Island from a launch point further north cannot be excluded.

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